Creative Black Resistance

What was it like to travel in an era where there were little “Black Wall Streets'' all over the U.S. in the midst of dangerous Jim Crow laws? Alvin Hall, award-winning television and radio broadcaster, best-selling author, and renowned financial educator, transports us into that historic realm. His podcast, Driving the Green Book, guides listeners along his road trip with Janee Wood Weber to the historically Black towns and destinations featured in the Negro Motorist’s Green Book, published from 1936-1967. Hosts Noami and Anaïs explore the nuances of navigating life on the road during a pandemic, holding solidarity with the Asian-American community and how the Green Book paved the way for Diversify Vanlife to become a living resource for nomads of color. Check out the full interactive show notes on our website at Diversify Vanlife and find the episode transcript here: Episode 4 Transcript Featured Guest Links: Driving the Green Book Twitter Alvin Hall Twitter Macmillan Podcasts Twitter Macmillan Podcasts Facebook  Apple Maps Guide Apple Music Playlist  NATI Podcast Links: Podcast @nomadsattheintersections Community @diversify.vanlife Host @irietoaurora Co-host @anaismoniq Enjoy this episode? Rate us on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen. It’ll help other Nomads find us. You can also share this podcast with a friend. Thank you for your support! Nomads at the Intersections is hosted by Noami Grevemberg with co-host Anaïs Monique A Ravel Media production Creative Direction by Busted Slate Media Audio assist by Dustin Grevemberg Music by Smart Monkey Music Podcast Cover Artwork by Karen Ceballos

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