Reclaiming Indigenous Sovereignty

Our first guest on Nomads at the Intersections podcast is Wynne Weddell, Native American of the Yankton Sioux Tribe. A hiker, nomad, and full-time beadwork artist - Wynne joins our host, Noami, for this in-person interview on the traditional lands of the Pascua Yaqui and Tohono O’odham in the Southwest. Listen as she shares her story of leaving her homeland to follow her nomadic passions in the forests of the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Wynne also recounts her experience at the Dakota access pipeline, shares stories about her great grandmother as a front-line activist during the American Indian Movement, and how Indigenous peoples must lead the conversation on environmental activism and so much more. Check out our Show Notes for journal prompts that dig deeper into how your story and Wynne’s experience intersect. ABOUT OUR GUEST Wynne Weddell is a member of the Ihanktonwon Nation ( Yankton Sioux) specializing in beaded adornments, using her platform to raise awareness on environmental a social justice issues being faced in BIPOC communities. She is passionate about environmental advocacy, cultural reclamation, all things rainbow, and working towards a more sustainable future. #LANDBACK Check out the full interactive show notes on our website: Diversify Vanlife and find the episode transcript here: Episode 01 Transcript SOCIALS Podcast @nomadsattheintersectionspod Community @diversify.vanlife Host @irietoaurora Co-host @anaismoniq Guest @rainbowmountain_ Enjoy this episode? Rate us on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen. It’ll help other Nomads find us. You can also share this podcast with a friend. Thank you for your support! Nomads at the Intersections is hosted by Noami Grevemberg with co-host Anaïs Monique A Ravel Media productionWith special thanks to Busted Slate MediaMusic by Smart Monkey MusicPodcast Cover Artwork by Karen Ceballos

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