Black in National Parks Week 2020: August 24 - 29 (Bonus Episode)

Nicole Jackson of #BlackBirdersWeek and the brand new @blackinnpsweek talks about Black in National Parks Week 2020 this upcoming week. Listen to this joint interview phone call with @everybodysnationalparks and @hellorangerusa. ⁣Official Hashtag ⁣#BlackInNationalParksWeek⁣IG⁣: @blackinnpsweek⁣ Twitter: @BlackInNPSWeek⁣   Actions: Subscribe to our podcast. Tell your friends about Everybody’s National Parks Visit our website Send us your national park stories, recommendations, comments, or questions to Hello at Support us on Patreon Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Please tag us from the parks you are visiting at #everybodysnationalparks and @everybodysnationalparks

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