331 | Sustainable Living

The Minimalists talk about sustainable living with environmentalist Claire Potter, and they answer the following questions:

What impact did the pandemic have on our environment with all of the disposable items designed to protect us from infection, and how can we move forward safely with less waste? (01:39)

How biodegradable are biodegradable plastics? (06:25)

What are the pros and cons of plastic? (07:29)

How do we stay motivated and inspire others to live a sustainable, minimalist lifestyle when those around us do not; that is, if we live sustainably but more people live unsustainably, aren’t all of our efforts meaningless? (09:25)

What is your perspective regarding sustainability? (11:20)

What is the “circular economy”? (12:28)

How much does farming crops damage the environment compared to farming meat? (20:22)

How do we frame sustainable living to interest non-environmentalists? (28:32)

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