Pro Tips for Data-Driven Decision Making

Project leaders make decisions on a nearly non-stop basis. But they also have access to a wealth of information that can help them make the right call. We discuss this with:

Reuben Oshomah, PMP, regional director, West Africa, Avanti Communications, Lagos: He talks through what kinds of information project leaders should consult, and the role team members and stakeholders play in making smart decisions.

Ramyajit Dasgupta, PMP, global analytics manager, Concentrix, Kolkata: He discusses the role of big data and analytics in decision-making and how to take the first steps in building a data-driven culture.


Key themes

[01:42] Why understanding the project objective can fuel better decisions  

[02:51] Gathering data: Lessons learned, risk registers and team members

[08:17] Using big data, analytics, AI to take the guesswork out of decisions

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