0108 Jake Kassan - Turning an Indiegogo campaign into a $100M exit

Today’s topics: (1:08) Moiz introduces Jake Kassan of MVMT, a men’s watches, accessories and lifestyle brand. (14:00) Jake discusses the operational issues he encountered when first starting MVMT. (17:40) MVMT did about $1m its first year, with most growth coming organically. (24:20) Moiz and Jake discuss their experiences with venture money and the state of startup founding. (30:03) Jake explains where MVMT is spending money on advertising today. (33:32) MVMT paid an influencer $150k for a post, but eschews big payments like this now, unless it’s an ongoing partnership. (39:10) Jake discusses the Movado-MVMT acquisition. (45:30) Jake talks about life post-acquisition. (51:37) Moiz and Jake discuss the future of DTC. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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