The Shoaib Akhtar seatbelt method

Season 11, Ep 22: We're back from Pakistan. Adam decidedly worse for wear after his car crash, but he'll still prop up on some cushions and record an ep of The Final Word. Can't stop, won't stop. The women's World Cup finals are imminent, so we look ahead to those contests. Also moves are afoot for women's T20 comps in Pakistan and India, while the England men's Test team get thumped once again, this time by West Indies. Your Nerd Pledge number this week: 2.27 - Sheetal Potdar Send us a Nerd Pledge at Find previous episodes at 20% off primo kit with the code TFW20 Check out Brick Lane Brewing on Instagram,FB and Twitter The Final Word is part of the Bad Producer Podcast Network Title track by Urthboy Support the show: See for privacy information.

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