Lilly Singh ON: Giving Yourself Permission to Grow & How to Identify Your Limiting Beliefs That Are Keeping You Stuck

Jay Shetty sits down with Lilly Singh to talk about breaking free from the norm and knowing how to become the person you want to be. Our society often has rules, standards, and systems that are seen as absolute, unbending, and necessary. Most people aren’t given the chance to be themselves, work in their own space, and process their experiences at their own pace. What happens when you get to think differently and contribute positively to the world in another way?

Lilly Singh is an incredibly talented, multifaceted entertainer, actress, producer, writer, and creator. A leading force in the digital world, she has amassed a global audience of over 38 million followers across our social media channels, where she writes, directs, producers, and stars in comedic and inspirational videos. Currently, Lily can be seen in the second season of Hulu's comedy, Dollface, where she will play, Liv, a queer borrow note with a confident sense of humor opposite Shay Mitchell. This coming April 2022, she's going to be part of the star-studded ensemble cast for the Dreamworks animation action comedy, The Bad Guys. On April 5th, Lilly will release her second book.

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What We Discuss:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 04:20 Be a Triangle
  • 07:35 Another way of contributing to the world
  • 12:02 Dismantling your value system
  • 15:42 Home is not a physical building
  • 21:39 You’re a changing, adapting, and evolving person
  • 27:12 “I came out as bisexual to my family…”
  • 36:48 A process of meditation that works
  • 43:32 The missed calls from the universe
  • 49:32 Make sure you have fun
  • 59:12 Lilly on Final Five

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