560 - Why "Take Massive Action" is Bad Advice

In this episode, we look at why "take massive action" is bad advice. 

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Reasons this isn't good advice

  • Unclear: What counts as "massive action""? Uncertainty leads to overwhelm and increased likelihood of inaction
  • Invalidates tiny action: When your focus is on taking "massive action" it leads to discounting all the tiny things you can do now or the tiny things that you NEED to do. This also leads to inaction because it feels like what you CAN do isn't enough
  • Massive action can lead to burn out and doesn't consider your current situation (empathy). It's a blanket statement that means nothing.

What to do instead

  • Start your goal setting from a place of Empathy. Figure out what your constraints are BEFORE setting your goals
  • Set a goal that is contextual to your situation
  • Create a progressive action plan. Start with the tiniest thing you can do and progressively increase to larger actions
  • Start immediately
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