What Is Self Care? Attagirl Episode 70

When you think of “self-care” do images of bath-bombs and face masks dance across your vision? Even though those things are great, self-care and self-love go much deeper than eating chocolate or binging the latest season of The Circle on Netflix. Kara talks about her journey of self-love and the work it involved to truly find out what it means to care for herself, including setting boundaries and doing the inner work to heal in this latest episode of the Attagirl Podcast. Sponsor: Optimized Career Solutions: Whether you're looking for your next fulfilling 9 to 5 or you're looking to start, streamline, or scale your small business, Optimized Career Solutions is here to support you and hold you accountable in order to meet your goals. Gain clarity and the actionable strategies you need in order to take control of your career. Schedule your FREE consultation at schedule.optimizedcareersolutions.com and speak directly with Kara or her husband Jack!

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