Wheel of Time Spoilers 205 - TSR - Ch46 Veils

Support our Sponsors! https://astridjef.com/nadec/nadec-podcast/   How does Leilwin Shipless end up named so? Why, and is it is releveant? Hint: it is perfectly suited and relevant, tune in and we'll explain why it's so fitting. Elayne and Nynaeve walk through the streets if Tanchico, when they are attacked by an overwhelmingly large group of street-toughs, Captain Eagnin emerges from the crowd to lend a hand. A Brutal, merciless and, violent helping hand.   When the three later sit down with eachother, there are a ton of interesting cultural misconceptions. We love this stuff. WoTSpoilers is a weekly book-club.  You can join the conversations that make the podcast on Discord. Please remember, Seth and Patrick are two nerds in a basement who would rather be creating content full time, than working our 9-5s.  You can help us create the content you love, and become full time podcast creators, by donating on Patreon

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