E91 Psychic Predicts The End Of Amy’s Relationship with Medium Chris Medina

Today we are joined by psychic medium Chris Medina, and he reads us to filth. He tells us all about our lives to come, including Jack’s inevitable sugar daddy, Amy’s doomed relationship and the future of Dating Straight. As skeptics, we aren’t afraid to call bullshit when need be, but ultimately the reading opened our third eyes.  Thank you to our sponsors!  Upstart: www.Upstart.com/dating to lower your monthly payments Reliefband: www.reliefband.com promo code DATING for 20% off plus free shipping Aura Frames: www.auraframes.com promo code DATING for up tp $100 off Dipsea: www.dipseastories.com/STRAIGHT for your 30-day free trial Follow Chris: @psychicchrism   See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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