Attack Movie Review | John Abraham | Rakul Preet Singh | Jacqueline Fernandez

For those who've often complained about Bollywood's lack of original scripts and innovation, Attack, to some extent, can give you an adrenaline rush for its novel idea (seen many times in Hollywood by now but still quite a fresh prospect for Bollywood). And some might find it plain bizarre and too unrealistic to even believe any of it. John Abraham is often credited for carrying a film on his shoulders, however, with Attack, the actor and debutant director, Lakshya Raj Anand took this a bit too seriously, as John, as a 'super soldier' is literally the single man out there, killing all the bad men. Attack is the story of a soldier Arjun Shergill (John Abraham) who suffers a terrible loss in a terrorist attack and ends up with permanent paralysis neck-down and is assigned a life on a wheelchair. Meanwhile, Dr Saba (Rakul Preet Singh) has been working on a futuristic scientific technology that can enable a paralysed person to stand up on their feet, and Arjun is deemed that right science bunny to undergo trial for India's first-ever super-soldier program. All this because the country needs to be saved from a terrorist mastermind who is on the loose. Listen to the full episode for more.

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