Dealing With Trauma, Healing, and Systemic Queer Issues | #SwipingSafely

In this episode, we talk to a series of experts that give tips on how to deal with trauma, sexual assault, and complications in relationships. It was a great conversation that gives lots of insight into why teens are going on hookup apps, the consequences, and what we can do about it. Hope you enjoy it!  

Experts in the video: 

Timothy Elliott - Psychotherapist 

Matthia Barker - Psychotherapist 

Ebonique Bethea - RAINN’s Clinical Director for the Victim Services team

is our Pride month campaign dedicated to raising awareness around the exploitation of LGBTQ+ youth in online spaces and how we can facilitate safer experiences. Throughout June, we'll be doing 6 episodes surrounding this issue. We'll be joined by influencers, experts, activists, and teens around the world who will talk to us about their experiences as a queer person.  

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