Podcast 316: How I Mentally Prepare for a Busy Week + a Neurocycle to Reduce Stress & Burnout

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SHOW DESCRIPTION: Let’s face it: there’s no better feeling than going to bed knowing that you’re well prepared for the next day. So, in this podcast I am going to talk about how to self-regulate your thinking using the Neurocycle to prepare for a busy week and reduce your stress levels and risk for burnout.

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2:30 What happens when you go to sleep anxious about the week ahead

3:33 Planning for a busy week using self-regulation

4:40 Why I like to use the Neurocycle for everyday anxieties & worries

5:50 What happens in the brain when you feel overwhelmed

6:10 The importance of balanced beta energy in the brain

12:25 Why the mind always comes first

13:00 How I use mind-management when I have a busy week ahead of me

14:00 How to use your mind to prepare your brain for stressful periods in your life

16:00 What is mind-management & how do you do it?

17:20, 24:00 Using the 5 steps of the Neurocycle to plan for the week

26:00 How to make a busy week for you instead of against you

30:50 The importance of building rewards & rest into your week

31:10 How over-complaining can affect your mental health


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