Identifying & deconstructing toxic patterns & beliefs + how to transcend personal & cultural limitations (with Dr. Shefali Tsabary)

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SHOW DESCRIPTION: In this podcast I speak with clinical psychologist Dr. Shefali about her amazing new book, The Radical Awakening, and how we can turn pain into power, embrace our truth and live free.

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1:15 What is a “radical awakening” & why is it important?

2:50 The power women have when they embrace their true selves

3:10 How to deconstruct toxic patterns in your life

4:20 How conditional love leads to inauthenticity & mental health struggles

4:55 How to stop repeating your past emotional experiences

6:00 How to start being more authentic to yourself

11:27 The cultural archetypes that can hold us back

12:00 How to manage & heal insecurity

14:00 How to control emotional chaos

14:40 The power of your narrative: why you should embrace where you are in life right now

15:15 Why we need to develop habits of self-reflection

16:45 How to start taking ownership of your life

21:20 What it means to let go & die to your old self

22:00 Why change often involves grief

24:00 Toxic masculinity: how does it affect us?

25:00 The radical power of an inner awakening

27:00 How to celebrate our differences as women and human beings

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