How art & poetry can help heal mental health struggles (with Morgan Harper Nichols)

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SHOW DESCRIPTION: In this podcast  I speak with artist, poet, storyteller and best-selling author Morgan Harper Nichols about how art and poetry can help us process life and all its challenges, and the beautiful reality of how far each of us have come in our own lives.

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1:22 Why Morgan went from singing and songwriting to visual art, poetry and storytelling

5:10 Why Morgan wrote her book, How Far You Have Come

10:40 Why all our life journeys matter

13:50 The power of listening and engaging with the world around you

15:00 Why you don’t have be productive all the time

28:00 How art can help us process life

35:10 Why we need to give ourselves grace

45:30 How art can help us when we are feeling down

50:30 What to do when you don’t feel inspired or creative


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