A professional guide to doing the necessary but scary things, facing your fears, and finding your voice + tips to overcome imposter syndrome

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SHOW DESCRIPTION: In this podcast I speak with NY Times bestselling author and renown speaker Luvvie Ajayi Jones about how fear is often the enemy of progress, how to become a professional troublemaker, what we need to get right within ourselves before we do the things that scare us but also help us grow, how to use your voice for the greater good, how to find your unique voice and inner strength, and more!

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For more on Luvvie: https://luvvie.org/about/


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1:20 What is a “professional troublemaker”?

3:00 Why we should normalize our fears

4:40 Why people often refuse to do better

7:50 How fear can hold us back

11:40 Why courage is not the absence of fear

14:42 The power of perspective

18:23 Why we all need to learn to look inward

24:37 Why you need to own the space you have given

27:45 How to embrace who you are and own up your own space

35:20 The difference between arrogance and owning who you are and what you are good at

36:00 The power of trusting where you are

37:42 Why you need to “fail loudly”

39:19 The power of asking for more

40:17 Why boundaries are important

43:11 Outsource yourself and learn how to ask for help

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