How toxic skincare can mess up your mental health + identifying & healing toxic eating & diet behaviors (with nutritional expert Noelle Tarr)

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SHOW DESCRIPTION: The world of healthy eating can be confusing and overwhelming at times. It can also be toxic and can set us up for a host of mental and physical health issues if we are not careful. In this podcast I speak with nutritional therapy practitioner and certified personal trainer Noelle Tarr about how diet culture is dangerous and how to combat the negative effects, how to build sustainable weight loss and fitness habits, how to begin healing orthorexia and body dysmorphia, why we should use clean beauty and skincare products, and more!

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2:35 How many women are taught from youth to diet and worry about their weight

7:30 Why going on a diet is not enough

9:01 Why Noelle started her company Coconuts and Kettlebells

10:15 The dangers of toxic diet culture

18:17 Dangerous wellness trends you should avoid

22:44 What is orthorexia and how do you overcome it?

30:13 How to heal body dysmorphia

31:22 Why natural beauty and skincare products are important for our health


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