Healing Racial and Generational Trauma + How to Support Black Mental Health with Dr. Nicole Cammack and Dr. Danielle Busby

In this episode I interview Dr. Nicole Cammack and Dr. Danielle Busby from Black Mental Wellness Corp. on Black mental health, generational trauma, how allies can support people of color, why cultural competency is vital in therapy, stigmas in the black mental health community, how Black people can begin to find healing, mental health resources for black and indigenous people of color, and so much more.

Black Mental Wellness Corp is an organization dedicated to providing evidence based information and resources about Mental health and behavioral health topics from a Black perspective, to highlight and increase the diversity of mental health professionals, and to decrease the mental health stigma in the Black community.

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A Few Podcast Highlights

5:11 About The Black Mental Wellness Corporation

8:54 How people are starting to talk about mental health more openly in the Black community, and why there is reason to hope that things are changing. The more we normalize these conversations, the more we break the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

10:32 Why we all need to have more discussions and get more comfortable talking about mental health issues, and why it is important that these conversations are inclusive, equitable and diverse.

11:12, 59:00 Why in the past people of color have just been expected to “cope” with their trauma, and why there is a lot of mistrust in the Black community when it comes to our current healthcare system.

32:20 How white people can be better allies

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