Ep. 267 How To Be Your Best Self

This weeks episode is..... interesting. ha. I have to be honest and let you know the beginning of the episode got a bit muffled with stuff I didn't really want to chat about BUT 3/4 of the show contained really great information on how to be your best self and be about more than just women. Even if you are a women, you will enjoy and take away a lot from this episode! Dating coach for men and bitcoin expert, Jon Anthony joins us to over analyze and discuss: 1. How to talk to women and present yourself in the best way possible so that it creates intrigue and attraction 2. How to make a great first impression 3. How to tell if she's into you vs. not into you 4. How to talk to shy women vs. outgoing women And so much more! Guest: Jon Anthony --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/AskWomen/support

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