How To Learn To Be Charming

Repeat Episode but still a goodie ;-0 How the hell do you charm a woman?? There is so much mixed information out there. Which is why on this weeks episode we dive into what it means to be charming AND how to do it! Even though Marni was NOT on this episode it was great. Guests Jordan Harbinger and Michael Costa join Kristen to dive into how to be charming. On this show they also discuss: 1. Exercise for becoming good at small talk (The Tennis Ball Game) 2. Why you are awesome just because you listen to this show 3. Why your tonality is important and how to alter it 4. How to be a reflective listener 5. "The best way to be interesting is to be interested in others" how to authentically ask questions 6. How people learn to be charming And tons more! Guest: Jordan Harbinger & Michael Costa --- Support this podcast:

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