40 years, one man, one job.

KaramāSūtra debuts with an episode that somewhat appropriately starts in the district of Karama in Dubai. If you're a long-term Dubai or UAE resident you might have heard about a quaint restaurant called Woodlands. Even if you haven’t, join us as we trace its origins and meet Ashok Kumar, who arrived in Dubai 40 years ago to set it up, and is the one constant in an ever-changing neighbourhood. **Credits** This episode of KaramāSūtra is hosted by Vinita Bharadwaj & Chirag Desai. We're produced by Chirag Desai. Our intern is Abhishek Venkatasubramanian. With special thanks to Rijosh Joseph. Thanks to [Frying Pan Adventures](https://fryingpanadventures.com) for their support of this episode. Listen in for a 10% discount on their tours.

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