948: What Does The 6th IPCC Report on Climate Mitigation Mean for India and The World? Dr Navroz K Dubash Explains

The UN's big report on climate change is out. It is the IPCC's (WG-III) sixth report on climate mitigation. And if you have been confused about all the jargon, and have been wondering how this report is different from the previous ones and what the big takeaways from it are, then we have the answers. 

The Quint spoke to Dr Navroz K Dubash, who is a professor at the Centre for Policy Research, where he conducts research and writes on climate change, energy, air pollution, water policy, and the politics of regulation in the developing world. Dubash is also one of the co-authors of this latest report and the coordinating lead author of Chapter 13.

Host: Sadhika Tiwari
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