Dying for Dying for Sex

What do you do when everything is "perfect" in a relationship except a fewwww key things? And if you were all of a sudden told you were terminal, what would you do? Go have a sexual revolution? That's what my guest Nikki Boyer's best friend Molly did, and they were generous enough to make a podcast about it! Nikki and I talk about what it was like for her to vicariously go on this journey and what she learned about sex and dating and herself in the process. Nikki is also making it work as a stepmom of two girls and we get into ALL that, since if you're out there dating you might just become a step-parent yourself. This is a juicy one with candid talk about how to navigate love, marriage, illness, sex, and blended families. Whew! Settle in and listen up!   Follow Not Your Therapist Podcast on Instagram and send us your questions! @notyourtherapistpodcast

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