JH137: Foster Care and Homeschooling with Arthur Woods

This episode was recorded forever ago and I just couldn’t get it fit in. I figured with 2021 on the horizon and many families wondering HOW they can help in the new year now was a perfect time. I have many friends who have done foster care and have even adopted from foster care. Foster parents are some of the BEST people I know. It is a true ministry that is greatly needed today.  In this episode we talk about the legality of foster care and homeschooling, how Christian parents, can minister to teens coming from foster care without “pushing” religion or church onto them, accommodating homeschooling your biological or adopted children while opening your home to foster care and also accommodating those children’s needs/therapies/etc and so much more.  If you have ever considered foster care or are wondering how you can enter into ministry in the new year, this episode is for you.  Podcast Sponsor Biglifejournal.com Show notes and more at JoyfullyHomeschooling.com 

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