JH131: Answering YOUR Homeschool Questions with Davonne Parks

I get asked questions ALL the time and am excited to spend TWO episodes answering YOUR questions with my good friend Davonne Parks. Here are some of the questions we are tackling in this episode. What advice do you give moms of littles in their first years of homeschooling? I'm having trouble finding ways to incorporate "fun" into school. I have chalked it up to be that school is our job, which we are ok with, but I still have this nagging feeling that I'm supposed to make school a party. Wishing I hadn't switched curriculum but not having the money to switch back... so just pushing through with what we have. How do I balance her extrovert needs with my introverted ones? I feel we are going through the motions, but question if it is making a difference. Podcast Sponsors Teaching Textbooks and Notgrass History Show notes can be found at JoyfullyHomeschooling.com

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