Watching MSPs Wade into Emerging Tech with Doug Hazelman

  When Doug Hazelman asks MSPs what they’re most excited about and what they’re most afraid of they come back with the same answer: artificial intelligence. “They know it’s likely to bring about the most possible disruption but they’re not sure how to implement it,” he said. “And what happens when AI becomes self-aware? We’ve all seen enough movies that it’s something that concerns us.” Almost every MSP is interested in adding AI but not many know what to do with it, said Hazelman, vice president of technical marketing at MSP360, formerly CloudBerry Lab. In this episode of the EmTech Cast from CompTIA’s Emerging Tech Community, Hazelman talks with CompTIA Vice President of Member Communities Jim Hamilton about how emerging tech is helping MSPs drive their businesses, challenges they face and money making opportunities for the future. Listen for ways robotic process automation (RPA) can help replicate monotonous tasks and help customers become more productive, the added security risks of living on the bleeding edge of emerging technology and how tools like chatbots can free up human talent resources on the MSP side. “It’s difficult to let a chatbot take a ticket from open-to-close but if you can have a ticket from open-to-try-a-couple-of-things-and-pass-it-off, now your tech doesn’t have to do those first two steps,” Hazelman said. Subscribe to the CompTIA EmTech Cast on your favorite podcast app and look for Breaking Barriers, an MSP-focused podcast, from CompTIA’s MSP Community. For more on Doug Hazelman, listen to his podcast, MSP Voice:, and follow him on Twitter @vmdoug and on Reddit at For more on Robotic Process Automation (RPA), listen to this episode: and read more the world of MSP360 at  

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