199: Creating Space for YOU to Exist in Your Work & Your Life

What did you do to grow your business? What strategy did you use to expand your social media presence? How do you get more clients? These are the questions so many business owners and health practitioners ask when trying to grow or expand their own business; however, the answers don’t lie in steps and how-to’s.

Our subconscious beliefs and how they influence our health has been a theme on the show lately, and today Erin highlights how these beliefs can affect how we show up (or don’t show up) in our work, our business and our life. Tune in to hear takeaways from conversations about business and life that Erin has had with other business owners and practitioners, how she uses intuition to guide decisions, creating authentic connections on social media (or any platform), investing in personal growth and why creating a safe space for you to exist in your own work is paramount to success.

While she does talk shop about running business, this discussion extends well beyond business and can be applied to your health and life, too. If you’re a business owner or practitioner who’s looking to grow your business in a way that feels good to you, if you’re someone who feels unfulfilled in your work or your life, if you identify as a people pleaser or codependent, or if you’re looking for ways to gain more awareness and tap into your intuition, this will be a powerful and thought provoking episode for you!

In this episode:

-Creating a space in your work for you to exist [5:56]

-How work and health intersect [7:22]

-Life aspects that contribute to overall health [11:49]

-Your inner pilot light [14:54]

-How to show up authentically in business [19:43]

-The importance of creating space for intuition to come through [23:53]

-Why inner work is required in business [25:51]

-The one thing you must understand in order to grow on any platform [29:30]

-Parallels of personal growth and business growth [34:37]

-Shame, self expression and subconscious beliefs [39:42]

-The foundation of any powerful brand or platform [46:07]

-Do you know what your Personal Philosophy is? [49:09]

-Cascading effects of setting boundaries in business [51:57]

-Where Erin’s marketing & sales differs from others [55:41]

-A real-world example of staying aligned in business [57:03]

-Women, financial goals and building wealth [1:01:30]

-Pressure to get the sale [1:07:31]

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