SE1 EP 14 -Why are Narcissists magnetic to empaths?

Special Offer for Narcissist Rehab Listeners!  FREE 30 DAYS STITCHER RADIO PREMIUM  When you checkout, be sure to use. Promo Code: NARCISSISTREHAB    We are Rescuers, and they have a story to tell you -which involves how they were wronged, used, threatens verbally or physically by a previous partner.  Naturally Empaths want to fix someone, they’re great listeners, who generally  want to understand the problem and try to solve issues.  Becoming a firefighter is now your full time job. Because your Putting out fires they start, left and right - defending your partners actions, against friends and family and you find yourself being reactive to every situation. Your always stressed and frustrated  about those who don’t see this wonderful “happy go lucky” person they’ve attempted to portray.  YOU TRY TO FIX THEM- they don’t want to be fixed, but they do will want you to own their problems as your own. Your trying to juggle your own life, wants, responsibilities and aspirations - as well as your own shortcomings. They want you to take ownership of how they feel and use projection to shine all of their bad behavior and decision making back onto the victim.  They’re baiting you into the toxic cycles that they’ve created, it’s trickery and a distraction so they can undermine your ability to make decisions. They want to cripple your abilities and take all the positive characteristics that attribute to you, because again they have no personality.  Donate to the Narcissist Rehab Podcast! PayPal Vimeo: @BobbyVoss CashAPP:$bobbyv87 Patreon

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