Hear About My Life-Changing, Health-Expanding Stem Cell Procedure with David Truitt

Are you ready to embrace the latest technology surrounding stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy has been gaining popularity for patients with many different diagnoses in the past few years, but how exactly do these new treatments work?
Stem cell treatment has evolved significantly in the past decade. Not only are stem cell treatments some of the safest you can receive, but they can now resolve a great number of previously untreatable issues. You can avoid surgical options and recover faster, all while avoiding the ethical issues that plagued the therapy method in years past.

A few days ago, I traveled to Mexico to see Cellular Performance Institute (CPI) Stem Cells for my long-awaited umbilical stem cell procedures.

I had undergone a couple of laboratory tests to ensure efficacy, stabilization, and proliferation of stem cells while enhancing recovery through oxygenation, heat shock proteins, and master antioxidants before the therapy.

I had these stem cells administered into my torn tricep, torn supraspinatus, left knee (to regrow cartilage), IV (for preventive medicine, health-span extension, and anti-aging), my hairline to maintain a full head of hair, and my face to maintain skin elastin and collagen production.

I also had a great conversation with David Truitt, CPI Stem Cells' director of sales and marketing. He talked about how stem cell therapies might be life-changing and life-saving, and how they could be the medicine of the future!

We all deserve to live full lives and experience quality health. Stem cell treatments can offer that opportunity to many who have not experienced it.

We're only beginning to understand what stem cells are and what they can do for our bodies. While there are still many questions about the nature of the body and how we can keep it healthy, we're learning more and more about the body's ability to heal itself.

Listen to this episode's interview with David Truitt as talks about the most promising umbilical stem cell treatment and how it works in the body and their capacity for healing.



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