Session 6

On this session of the Overland Roundtable we discuss some philosophies and tools that people use when planning trips of less than a month.  We are focusing on trips that are less than one month long because once a trip takes on that magnitude, the process and tools change a bit.  On this session we have two guest panelists and both were discovered in the discussion thread on one of our favorite forums, American Adventurist.  If you’d like to continue the discussion, then go ahead and jump in and share your mind with the other American Adventurist fans.  Lets introduce our guest panelists.     Raul Banuelos from Xpedition Outfitters.  Xpedition Outfitters is an online retailer that sells a wide range of gear that you would find useful on your offroad and overland travels.  Xpedition Outfitters sells offroad bumpers, roof top tents, recovery gear, roof racks, interior accessories, gas cans, awnings and camping gear.  Raul enjoys shorter camping in the southern California and Nevada areas with his family because that simply works better for his current stage of life.  Raul has quite of few projects going that were not discussed on this show but I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing him back on future sessions of the roundtable or The 4x4 Podcast.      Mike Learey from the American Adventurist website lives in the Dallas area and frequently explores the Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas areas with his family.  Mike is a wealth of knowledge in the offroading world and freely imparts his knowledge on the American Adventurist forum.  You can usually find him all over the site and is always friendly.  Be sure to head over to the American Adventurist and participate in the discussion.     Regular Panelists:     Dan Cole: Dan explores in his 1999 Jeep Cherokee 2dr and 2007 GMC Yukon XL. Find Dan at and also:Facebook: @the4x4podcastTwitter: @the4x4podcastYoutube:     Taylor Adney: 1993 Toyota 4runner, outfitted for overland travel. Part of a group called “The Overland Adventures” which can be found on:Instagram (@theoverlandadventures) Youtube:      Alex Garner: 1999 Nissan Patrol, has been an overlander most of his life. Runs the Intents Offroad blog which can be found at and on:  Facebook:   Watch the full video of the session here: Watch the session right here!

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