How to Design your Thinking, Create Ideas and Solve Problems with Author Dr Pavan Soni: TIT108

Do you feel that you are not able to come up with interesting ideas at your job? How about a systematic approach in identifying problems to solve as an entrepreneur? What makes some people really creative and is creativity a learnable skill?   To answer all of these questions, I have invited Dr Pavan Soni on today's episode. Dr Pavan is an innovation evangelist who believes that creativity is a learnable skill and we all can become creative.   Throughout this episode, you will learn a ton of hacks and systems to solve problems and make your life and decision making simpler. Want to start your own podcast? Join me on my FREE 90 Minutes Podcast to Profit Masterclass to learn how you can build your influence, authority and business using a podcast. Read More.    Dr Pavan Soni is the founder of Inflexion Point, a consulting firm focusing on  Design Thinking, Strategic Acumen, and Consulting Skills. He is the author of the book, Design Your Thinking. Pavan is a columnist at Mint, YourStory, Inc42, Entrepreneur and People Matters.   He has been invited five times to speak at the TEDx, and is featured as one of the '100 Digital Influencers of 2020' by YourStory. He is a real deal when it comes to creativity, innovation and design thinking.    Follow the Inspiring Talk on Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  Read full show notes and resources:

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