From a Small Town in MP to 13M USD in Revenue For His Startup- Jitendra Chouksey Story: TIT105

Jitendra Chouksey is the Founder of Fittr, world’s largest online fitness and nutrition community. In 2014, what started as a small WhatsApp group with 5 people is today a global community of over 850,000 fitness enthusiasts.   In this journey, Fittr has transformed the health of over 100k people from across the globe. What's more interesting is Jinendra's venture has generated revenue of over 13M USD without any external funding.   In this episode, we are gonna break down how this software engineer who comes from a small town in Madhya Pradesh called Polaha made it big into entrepreneurship. His thoughts on building community and scaling the business.   Enjoy the conversation! Follow the Inspiring Talk on Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  Read full show notes and resources:

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