E88 Why Avexis Went Public with Ava Palazzolo

Picture this. A pandemic. You and your girlfriend of 2 years are forced closer than ever before. Ava Capri Palazzolo shares how she and her girlfriend managed to be one of the few couples to make it through this panni. We then travel back to the beginning, and answer some questions about the time their relationship was a secret, and how the public and painful breakups of popular lesbian couples influenced their decision to stay private. We then do a deeper dive into how YouTube can impact a relationship, and why Avexis will never have a joint channel (unless they’re really strapped for cash).  Thank you to our sponsors! Curology: curology.com/dating to unlock a free 30-day trial Better Help: betterhelp.com/dating for 10% off your first month Best Fiends: Bestfiends.com to download the game for free  Aura Frames: auraframes.com code DATING for up to $100 off now until Mother's Day.   See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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