SwS : Katelyn Cook | Molecular Biologist | Science Communicator | Photographer

In this episode of "Science With Shweta" podcast, I speak with Katelyn Cook, and you may know her as @cookate on Instagram.  Katelyn is a fourth year PhD student in Molecular Biology at Princeton University, USA. Her research is focused on investigating how human viruses manipulate our cells during infection. Katelyn shares her journey from intending to be a historian to a researcher. She shares how she discovered her passion for research and talks about importance of science communication. She talks how she keeps herself going and motivated. Katelyn is amazing person, with 'viral' energy. She shares about her love for travelling and photography and how much she enjoys outdoor sports and video games!! Listen to this episode to know more about Katelyn and her science journey. You can reach out to her for assistance @cookate. Also, you can Contribute us on Patreon-www.patreon.com/sciencewithshweta  Follow on Instagram-www.instagram.com/sciencewithshweta Follow on Twitter-twitter.com sciencewshweta 

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