In this episode, we talk about racism, in light of the recent ongoing protests against the murder of George Floyd. I also talk about the issue of colorism in the Pakistani context.   I have tried my best to shed light on this issue as comprehensively as I knew how to, but if you feel like I missed a point, or said something wrong, please do correct me, as I am still learning, and still in the process of educating myself.   In hopes of a better tomorrow. Tune in every Tuesday for new episodes. Biaji! Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube: The New Yorker (The Death of George Floyd, in Context): The Nation (Racism in South Asia): We Cannot Stay Silent About George Floyd | Patriot Act Digital Exclusive | Netflix: ESPNCricInfo (It's time we South Asians understood that colourism is racism): 8 Minutes 46 Seconds: Music: Fly A Kite by Spectacular Sound Productions is licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike License.

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