A Pair of Premium Workshops - Wool Felt Appliqué & Wildflower Embroidery with Lauren Holton

Create embroidery art on a larger scale as we craft modern customizable felt pennants. Lauren Holton, the fiber artist behind Lark Rising Studios, shows us how to layer geometric botanical shapes with high-quality wool felt and attach them to cotton twill using two simple embroidery stitches.


Lauren’s thoughtfully curated kit contains everything needed to create three custom felt pennants. The luscious felt is a Merino wool blend with a soft feel and incredible color retention. Durable and pliable, the felt is Made in the USA and ideal for this project. To correspond with the rich hues of the felt, there are thirteen matching embroidery threads along with size 5 embroidery needles. To play with felt shapes, color, and layers, Lauren has included traceable templates that can be modified and customized.

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