Eps. 179 - The Frugal Preacher

If you’ve tried to improve any aspect of your life you’ve encountered failure. Some of you have experienced failure more than others and because of that, you’ve given up completely. On today’s podcast, ET talks about the mindset it takes to experience failure and make the decision to not give up. Often people are concerned with what you have to do to become successful but ET explains why it’s more important to understand what it takes mentally. Time Stamped Topics: [05:35] - Weekend Recap [11:45] - T-Shirt Debacle [37:15] - Flight Switched [47:04] - Get Back On The Horse [1:00:00] - Sacrifices [1:25:34] - Fair or Foul [1:42:20] - Nugget of The Day Listener Perks: Organifi is giving our listeners 20% off of their order just go to www.organifi.com/success. Their superfood green juice powder allows you to get your greens anytime anywhere while on the go. Get fresh premeasured ingredients delivered straight to your door. Get $80 off your first month by using the promo code “SUCCESS80” Turn your passion into a profit with ETA’S certified speaking program. Visit www.etagamechangers.com.   The Secrets to Success: @S2SPodcast on IG A lot of you are getting beat because you’re letting people tell you what you can and can’t do. Lead with the mindset, not the behavior. Stop worrying about immediate results and remember how life works. You can’t decrease your intensity because you’re not seeing the results. There is pain associated with your goals that may never go away. ET Events: Phenomenal Life 2020 Verified Conference Get connected with a network of over 3,500 people who listen to ET, and embodies the work ethic and spirit of ET. To learn more about Breathe University. Subscribe to the podcast via Apple Podcasts.

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