136: Why Productivity Has Failed You

With hundreds of productivity hacks and methods out there, it’s pretty safe to say that not everything works for everybody. I know we’ve all been there, trying a productivity hack that others swear by and thinking, “this doesn’t work for me!” Today, I am going to be talking about why productivity has failed you and how to actually make time for your priorities. I will share how to figure out what works for you and why you need to be flexible when finding your own systems. I’ll also chat about the importance of taking breaks to recharge and how to customize your own productivity systems to align with your priorities.    What’s In This Episode:   Understanding that all there isn’t one magical productivity system  Keeping flexibility at the forefront when finding a system that works for you Taking breaks to help our brains recharge and refresh Customizing your own productivity method that aligns with your goals and priorities Scrapping the to-do list for the priority list and how this can change the way you work

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