"Start fresh, in a certain way." Diagramming Gameplay Loops; Art Direction

In this episode, Stephen, Mark, and Ellen talk about gameplay loops. Then, they talk about art direction. Then they talk about loops. And then art direction. And then, more loops. Just kidding! It’s a regular roundtable discussion about diagramming gameplay, establishing art direction, and when to take out the garbage.

Diagramming Gameplay Loops 0:15:20 Ellen Burns-JohnsonGame DesignActionable Gamification: Beyond Points, Badges, and Leaderboards - Yu-kai ChouOctalysis GroupHow To Perfect Your Game’s Core Loop - Nathan LovatoGame AnalyticsLoops and Arcs - Daniel CookLost GardenHow Games Use Feedback Loops - Game Maker's ToolkitYouTubeDaniel Cook: Game Design Theory I Wish I had Known When I Started - IGDA SeattleYouTubeExpanding UX: Gameplay Loops - Vitaly StarushMediumThe Gameplay Loop: a Player Activity Model for Game Design and Analysis - Emmanuel GuardiolaResearchGateKurt Vonnegut Diagrams the Shape of All Stories in a Master’s Thesis Rejected b… - Josh JonesOpen Culture Art Direction 0:42:00 Mark LaCroixArtDreamsettler Reveal Trailer - No More RobotsYouTube Back in the day, Nice Games Club talked about color theory. “When two colors of paint really love each other…” We talked about sources of inspiration and it reminded us of episode 141. Nostalgia and the Lo-fi Aesthetic

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