French EXPRESSIONS: Days of the week: Weekend practice

French EXPRESSIONS: Days of the week: Weekend practice Lundi, mardi, mercredi, jeudi et vendredi sont des jours de semaine. = Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are weekdays. Demain, c'est mercredi et après-demain, ce sera jeudi. = Tomorrow is Wednesday, and the day after tomorrow is Thursday. Écris les projets pour vendredi sur le calendrier. = Write the plans for Friday on the calendar. Dimanche, c'est la fête des Pères. = Sunday is Father's Day. Il y a sept jours dans une semaine. = There are seven days in a week. Aujourd'hui il fait beau, mais hier il a plu. = Today is sunny, but yesterday it rained. À demain ! = See you tomorrow! Become fluent at

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