Episode 112: What Are My Core Values a Why You Should Care?

In the last few weeks, I have been thinking about how I can create sustainable change in my life and my business. This week I am excited to share my 4 core values and why you should care? My values are inspired by the Black Lives Matter Movement and the leaders that led us through these challenging times. This time has taught us to think differently and do better with changing times. I am grateful to the people that have called me in, that have shared their knowledge with me and the authors that have guided me in this time. Listen now and let me know how I can do even more.  Inspiration Credits: Ibrahim X Kendi, Author  For all the inspiring books, podcasts, and research work.  Kat Gaskin, Founder of The Content Planner For sharing her own business values and creating a safe space around this topic.  Marjolaine Savoire, Creative Coach For helping me ask tough questions to myself and my community. Lorena Soriano, Founder Every Point One Matters.  For inspiring me every day! And every single account on Instagram that educated me throughout the past 3-4 weeks. I wish I could credit them all here.   

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