Ep 248: How Much Of Your Personal Life To Share With Your Audience

This episode was inspired by a recent call in our PGSD community. How much of my personal life to share with my audience was a decision that I needed to make when it came to growing my business. It was especially important because - as someone who talks about my own personal development and struggles - I had to consider whether or not I should share my stories that involve other people.  Listen to today’s episode to learn how you can make a clear decision about what to share when it comes to your personal life In This Episode You’ll Learn: How you can come to a clear decision about how much of your personal life to share Questions that you can ask yourself when considering sharing experiences and stories The lessons I’ve learned when sharing my personal life experiences   Featured In The Episode: Perfectionists Getting Shit Done - my group coaching program FREE Training - How To Build A Full-Time Coaching Business Without Getting Laughed At   Join us in Perfectionists Getting Shit Done If you enjoy listening to this podcast, I highly recommend joining my group coaching program Perfectionists Getting Shit Done.  When you become a member of our community, you’ll get instant access to my proven process for building a full-time coaching business without getting laughed at. It’s called the Full-Time Formula and it’s all yours, alongside our coaching calls, courses and PGSD Private Podcast, as soon as you sign up.  Join our group coaching program today at samlaurabrown.com/membership

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