Shane Larson - Importance of #FunnelVision

Shane Larson has been running the One Funnel Away Challenge as the One Funnel Away Manager since September of 2018. In that time, he’s learned quite a bit about the customers he’s worked with in this journey.

Today he’ll be chatting with you all about the term “Funnel Vision” and why he encourages all of the One Funnel Away Challengers, to put on their “Funnel Vision Goggles” when the Challenge begins!

So many entrepreneurs come through the Challenge with the knowledge they’ve gained from their previous experiences, whether that be through school or business or both. And sometimes it’s very difficult to set that aside and be open to the ideas that Russell provides in regards to funnels.

In this episode though, Shane will tell you what happens when people are able to put aside their ideas, and open their minds to the power of funnels, and what happens when they truly get that “Funnel Vision” we speak of.

If you are an entrepreneur who is looking to take your business to the next level, come join us at and take the Challenge today!

We’d also love to see you at Funnel Hacking LIVE so make sure to go to to grab your ticket today for the event! If you think learning from Russell online is cool, wait until you are LIVE at the event, amongst the rest of the Funnel Hacker Community (who also have their “Funnel Vision” goggles on). It will truly be life changing!

We hope to see you there!

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