Ep 135: 7 Signs You Have A Fixed Mindset

There’s a difference between intellectual knowledge and actually living what you know. A BIG difference. Which means that knowing about the growth mindset is not the same as having a growth mindset. I’ve recorded many episodes on this topic before but thought it might be helpful to share 7 signs that you still have a fixed mindset. But just remember - having a fixed mindset is nothing to beat yourself up about. That’s not the point of this episode! The point is to help you take your self-awareness to a deeper level so you can create the mindset and the life you want. Enjoy! In This Episode You’ll Learn: What the fixed mindset is and the kind of life it creates 7 signs you have a fixed mindset and what to do about it Why being smart isn’t something you should be aiming for The real reason you want everything to be natural and effortless How to stop fearing wasted effort What it takes to actually pursue your potential The quickest way to create a growth mindset Featured In The Episode: Episode 10: The Fear of Wasting Effort Episode 41: My Fitness Journey + How I Created A Growth Mindset Episode 45: 10 Signs You’re A Perfectionist Episode 57: 7 Differences Between High Achievers and Perfectionists Episode 93: Protecting Your Potential Versus Pursing Your Potential Episode 100: The 5 Biggest Growth Mindset Mistakes Perfectionists Make Episode 118: Thoughts That Create A Growth Mindset

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