How to get better IDEAS by Simerjeet Singh | Creating an Innovation Mindset | Innovative Ideas

Many of us wonder how to get better ideas. Sometimes, we get stuck in routine and rigmarole of life and new inputs cease to come in. There is a very easy way to change this, says motivational speaker Simerjeet Singh - by developing an innovation mindset. In this innovation motivation, Simerjeet Singh guides us on how to become creative and innovative thinkers and start getting better ideas. Simerjeet emphasizes on the importance of experimenting and exploring new thoughts and new techniques in whatever we do. Risk taking is an important part of developing an innovation mindset.  Simerjeet Singh also draws similarities and a strong connection between childhood experimentation and career. When children are encouraged to experiment in childhood, they are more inclined towards becoming risk takers in adult-hood. Simerjeet Singh helps you embark upon the path of thinking innovatively by sharing the way innovators think and helping you separate your self worth from failures/ideation. He encourages you to wear a child-like demeanour and allow your creativity to flow through without any adult-hood barricades. In this inspiring podcast, Simerjeet also touches upon how corporates and organizations can create an environment at work that is conducive for innovation mindset among employees. Do listen to this podcast for great wisdom bytes and let us know which one resonated with you personally in the comments section below. Watch this video on YouTube: #innovative #innovativeways #innovationforeveryone #innovationmindset #innovationspeaker #motivationalspeaker #Simerjeetsinghaudios #simerjeetsinghmotivation #innovationindia #Keynotespeakerindia #keynotespeakerindia #simerjeetsinghenglish #Simerjeetsinghenglishaudio #simerjeetsinghenglishaudios #keynotespeakers #innovationinaction #innovationmanagement #innovationculture #innovativethinking #innovate #innovations #innovationstrategy #Innovativeideas For more videos on Innovation Mindset, do explore this playlist: For more videos of Simerjeet Singh in English, click the link of this playlist: To watch Keynotes of Simerjeet Singh in English, please visit this playlist: To watch Simerjeet Singh's Poems, please follow this link: For more information about Simerjeet's work as a motivational speaker, please visit his website: Follow us on: Facebook Page: Blog: LinkedIn: Instagram: @speakersimer ( Twitter: @SimerjeetSingh ( Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:

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