S2E1: Is Long-Distance Love Really Doable?

It’s an age-old debate: Can long-distance relationships really work? The stories are out there - once red hot with passion and devotion - growing cold after a few weeks or months apart. Are there keys to making it work when perhaps you work in a different state or your boo has to travel quite a bit? How do you figure out your own personal balance? Danielle Cadet (@dbcadet) - Managing Editor of Refinery 29’s Unbothered brings some insightful answers this episode. Danielle splits her time between New York City and Washington, D.C. where she lives with her husband. Their love story is made up of all the intentional little things that make a long-distance relationship thrive. Grab your notebooks and get into this episode! Use #TheSolvePodcast to let us know what you think! The Solve Host: Charli Penn (IG = @charlipenn / Twitter = @manwifedog) Executive Producer: Tiffany Ashitey (@misstiffsays) Associate Producers: Ashley Hobbs (@ashleylatruly) + Shantel Holder (@harmonys.touch) Bookings: Cori Murray, Charli Penn, and Tiffany Ashitey Audio: Josh Gwynn (@regardingjosh) + Anthony Frasier (@anthonyfrasier) Music: Gold Standard Creative (@gscdotnyc)

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