Searching for Sheela and The Woman in the Window

After her reclaimed fame in "Wild Wild Country," former cult leader Ma Anand Sheela went on a book tour of India. Netflix's follow-up "Searching for Sheela" shows her greeted by fans and reporters, projecting an image of a woman both enlightened by her experience and unrepentant of her past. FOR OUR SPOILER-FREE REVIEW OF "SEARCHING FOR SHEELA" GO TO THE 27:00 MINUTE MARK. An agoraphobic woman witnesses a crime across the street, but investigators believe the attack was a product of her medicated imagination. Amy Adams and Gary Oldman star in the thriller "The Woman in the Window." FOR OUR SPOILER-FREE REVIEW OF "THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW" GO TO THE 1:02:00 MINUTE. In Crime of the Week: moooving violation.  Click here to get the Crime Writers On After Show, plus more exclusive content, on Patreon.: See for privacy information.

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