#158 - Show Up for Your Life - with Laurie Segall & Jerry Colonna

Laurie Segall is an award-winning journalist, author, and the founder of Dot Dot Dot and D3 Network. In this episode, Laurie sits down with Jerry to chat about her tenure as CNN’s Senior Tech correspondent and gives insight into her experience navigating the world of big media. The pair discuss what it means to “show up” for your life and why slowing down can often be so scary.   Laurie reveals how participating in a Reboot Bootcamp forced her to slow down, reflect, and confront some big questions in her life and directly supported her decision to transition away from her job at CNN. She describes what drove her to write her new book: "Special Characters: My Adventures with Tech’s Titans and Misfits", and highlights the challenges of building a company as a global pandemic is taking hold.   Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts! Follow our step by step guides: - How To: Leave a Review on Your Computer: - How To: Leave a Review on Your iPhone: Never miss an episode! Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on all our episode releases.

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